TEMISKO manufactures a wide variety of semi-trailers, custom-built to the needs of its customers.  Here are a few examples:

  • Chip Trailers, Chip B-trains
  • Flatbeds, Step decks, Extensible Flatbeds
  • Loggers, B-train Loggers
  • Heavy Haul Low beds, Jeep and Dolly
  • Mining Side Dump, Dump body, Road Low Bed
  • Floorless


TEMISKO sells its products directly to its customers across North America. As TEMISKO ventured into the specialized market, the traditional dealer system was phased out. The specialized market needs to have a highly skilled sales team to offer custom products. The direct link between the client and the sales team is critical for the success of a specialized solution.  

After Sales Service

TEMISKO offers a personal after-sales service to its customers directly from the manufacturing plant. The two large stock rooms are used to keep an impressive stock of hydraulics, pneumatic, electrical parts and accessories on hand for immediate delivery.


The company maintains an excellent relationship with its 95 employees, 75 of which are unionized. The collective agreement is signed every five years.

Our Goals

Direct conversation with our customers for direct answers.

Continue to manufacture a product which surpasses the standards of the industry, and continues to answer the needs and meet the requirements of our customers.

Maintain our reputation as a manufacturer of semi-trailers of superior quality and durability.

Keep listening to our staff and our customers in order to make continuous improvements that will allow us to reach these goals

Leader in High Performance Trailers

Major Customers


Repairs and Parts

In our service department, our facilities allow us to restore trailers and do major repairs on all types of semi-trailers.  Additionally, in our production department, our welders are accredited, and the inspections are done by our highly-trained, professional personnel.

We also offer a complete line of parts for semi-trailers.

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