Scrollong Belt Trailer

The scrolling belt refers to the full-width belt that scrolls backwards to unload, then forward to load. This trailer offers incredible versatility because of its full width loading area and the ability to haul LTL, bulk or wood products.

The belt is pulled backwards with large hydraulic motors. As the belt spools on the rear drum, it pulls the load and an integrated front wall. This front wall prevents the material from tumbling forward in the trailer ahead of the belt. The front winch is used to rewind the belt back to the front. The optional high torque front winch can pull a full load up to the front of the trailer giving it the ability to self- load. Compared to some other scrolling belt trailers on the market, this system has no steel cables or pulleys that can corrode or jam up in this system.

The short cycle time makes this trailer incredibly competitive in a short haul route. The ability to unload large amounts of product in a very short amount of time can add up to one or many extra loads over the course of a day. These additional loads may successfully offset its high capital cost with higher productivity.


Useful options

  • Tarping system

  • Plastic liners

  • Alternate axle combination

  • Alternate lengths

  • High torque front winch

  • Wireless remote operation

Scrolling Belt Trailer

Length53 ft
Width102 inch
Weight29,500 lbs – 13,381 kg
Capacity102.4 m3
Minimum hydraulic requirements: -Pressure 2,800 psi (193.1 bar)
-Flow 30 US gal/min (114 L/min)
-Tank Volume 20 US gal (75.7 L)
Time to unload with a 45 US gal/min (170 L/min) PTO62 seconds

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