Chip Belly B-Train

The Chip Belly B-train is optimized for volume and tare weight. The composite steel and aluminum unibody construction is incredibly strong for its weight. This high-performance structure is also strong enough to resist the forces introduced by a loader packing the load into it. The belly ends in a shallow angle, before the first axle of the group, to allow the load to slide out when on the tipper. The exact angle has been determined over extensive operational experience in cold weather.

The B-train configuration capitalizes on the largest GVWR and combination length allowable by Canadian laws. Because of the double trailer configuration, an innovative flow-through design has been implemented to allow the load to be unloaded during a tipping operation. The lead trailer is fitted with a system of doors that will open up to transfer the load to the rear. The load then pushes on the rear’s hinged nose cone to ultimately dump out of the trailer.

 Optional liners and belly tarps help with sticking loads. Chips, hog fuel or shavings all behave differently in cold weather. The variety of liner options help to reduce the carryback to a minimum.

Useful options

  • Tarping system

  • Plywood liners

  • Belly tarps for freeze guard

  • Belly access doors

  • Sample doors

  • Insulated walls

Chip Belly B-Train

Length65 ft 5 inch
Width102 inch
Weight25,662 lbs – 11,640 kg
Capacity157.9 m3

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