Flatbeds may seem simple at first glance, but the nearly infinite amount of options and configurations make this product line one of the most diverse. The frame design is grouped into three main categories: Flat, Flat Drop and Double Drop. Other frame variations and differing axle configurations exist within each major category.

Deck height is limited by many factors, but the most prevailing factors are coupler height, tire size, and frame configuration. This means that selecting the proper components is critical.

Steel Flatbed

Flat Combo

Steel B-Train Flatbed

B-Train Flat Combo

Extendible Flatbed

Extendible Flatbed Combo

Flat Drop

Flat Drop Combo

Flat Drop Combo Through Axle

Extendible Flat Drop

Extendible Flat Drop HD

Extendible Flat Drop Combo Through Axle

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