Extendible Flatbed Combo

Sometimes referred to as a stretch flatbed, this trailer has a special frame construction that allows it to be extended to conform to long loads. Rollers in the frame rails allow the unit to be extended or retracted with ease. There are numerous locking points along the trailer to give the operator the flexibility to choose how much to extend. The locking actuators are specialty-built units that pull as hard as they push. Even if lock pins are full of road grime, the locking actuators will lock and unlock.

The flagship feature on this unit is the ability to remove the extendible beam insert. When this insert is removed, the trailer effectively becomes a standard flatbed. This feature makes the trailer more versatile and still able to be competitive on weight as a standard flatbed.



The frame is composite (or Combination – Combo) structure of high-strength steel and aluminum. The full-width, hollow-core aluminum flooring is also a structural member. This composite frame is key to the trailer’s low tare weight and incredible stiffness. This allows the structure to be relatively flat.

The smooth underside of the flooring reduces the amount of snow and mud accumulation that can stick to it. High point loads on the outer rails are met with ease as the aluminum flooring is 3x stronger than the traditional steel deck construction.


Useful options

  • Toolboxes
  • Crosser racks
  • Alternate axle combinations
  • Alternate lengths
  • Alternate tire sizes

Extendible Flatbed Combo

Length48 ft to 80 ft
Width102 inch
Weight11,143 lbs – 5054 kg
Extendible Insert Weight2557 lbs – 1160 kg

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