Flat Drop Combo Through Axle

Sometimes referred to as a step deck, this trailer is a composite (or Combination – Combo) structure of high-strength steel and aluminum. The full-width, hollow-core aluminum flooring is also a structural member. The frame is full-depth for the whole way through the trailer. This means that the axles are installed through the main beam instead of under it. This composite frame and through axle design are the keys to the trailer’s low tare weight and incredible stiffness. This allows the structure to be relatively flat and have the absolute lowest deck height.

 The smooth underside of the flooring reduces the amount of snow and mud that can accumulate. High point loads on the outer rails are met with ease as the aluminum flooring is 3x stronger than the traditional steel deck construction.

The rear deck height over the wheels is the lowest possible height given the clearances for the suspension and flooring requirements. This low height requires the use of fenders that protrude from the deck. The bottom deck section slopes progressively downwards where it meets the gooseneck to give an impressive loading height of 29 inches in that area.



Useful options

  • Toolboxes
  • Crosser racks
  • Alternate axle combinations
  • Alternate lengths
  • Alternate tire sizes
  • Load levelers

Flat Drop Combo Through Axle

Length50 ft
Width102 inch
Weight12,400 lbs – 5,625 kg

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