Steel B-Train Flatbed

B-Trains are popular in Canada and select states. The configuration takes advantage of the highest allowable GVWR to maximize the payload. Temisko was one of the first trailer manufacturers to create a flatbed B-Train. Since then, Temisko has amassed a wealth of knowledge to be able to create a unit that is optimized for years of worry-free, long haul use.

 The Canadian law on the B-Train is harmonized over all the provinces. Most B-Trains are constructed to only adhere to Canadian law. If the carrier is to cross into the United States, the B-Train configuration must be altered to conform to its laws. In most cases, the configuration is altered by sliding axles or deploying air lifts.


Useful options

  • Toolboxes
  • Crosser racks
  • Air lifts
  • Alternate axle combinations
  • Alternate lengths
  • Alternate tire sizes
  • Slider axles

Steel B-Train Flatbed

Length62 ft 8 in
Width102 inch
Weight22,569 lbs – 10,237 kg

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