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Deck sections are an important part of the low bed. It is important to know what deck profile is best suited for the loads you are trying to carry. Each section listed below has advantages and disadvantages. Typically, a bed that offers a low loading height will be heavier than one that offers a high loading height. Some profiles offer compromises between the two, but may have their own drawbacks. The table below each section is meant to summarize and rate key attributes of each deck section. The rating system is an arbitrary scale of 1-10 that is meant as a guide.

All deck sections will flex during the loading process, and when in motion. Engineers model the sections as large springs to predict the deflection that will result from external forces. The engineers can then calculate specific camber to compensate for the deflection. The stiffness of the deck is directly related to the beam height. The higher the beam, the less deflection will be produced. Some deck sections are so thin and long that we will present different cambers as options.   

The deck sections listed below can be made to match the weight class of the low bed. There are additional modifications that can be made from each section presented. The variants may include a wider overall width or a special perimeter frame with dished sections to receive a tank. There are also some deck sections that can be pinned together to extend the loading area.

High Flat Level Deck

Low Flat Level Deck

High Drop Side Rail

Low Drop side rail

Beam Floats



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