Steerable dollies are trailers that have a self-contained steering mechanism. The vast quantity of dollies produced at Temisko are self-steering. The self-steering system is a hydraulic link between the main turntable and the steered axles. This allows the trailer to dramatically reduce the off-tracking during a cornering maneuver. All dollies have an override to give steering control to the operator. The manual control is typically used when encountering extreme cornering situations. For the vast majority of the time, the dollies are left on self-steer because they can correctly steer the trailer around most turns.

The main turntables can turn +/- 110 degrees. This allows incredible flexibility when entering a narrow intersection that requires the dolly to be perpendicular to the load.

Temisko offers front and rear steering dollies. Both steering arrangements have very specific advantages and disadvantages.

2+2 Steerable Dolly

3+2 Steerable Dolly

3+3 Steerable Dolly

Modular 1+1+2+2+1+1 Steerable Dolly

3+3+3 Steerable Dolly

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