Modular 2+1+1 Jeep

The intent of this jeep is three-fold.

  1. Lowest loading height possible for beam hauling
  2. Universal design for maximum axle group combination
  3. Re-use the base components on completely different trailers

Low loading height:

The through axle design on the rear axle group is the lowest height possible. The limiting factor in this design is the tire diameter. This arrangement is ideal for hauling high tank or beams. The mid-section comes with a turntable with a power tower inside it. This tower is used to lift the load above obstacles or to avoid a collision between the jeep’s frame and the beam in rough terrain. The on-board power pack supplies the hydraulic pressure necessary to lift the power tower and deploy the gooseneck stinger.

Universal design:

The dual king pin settings in the front coupler are made so it can be used with a tandem or tridem truck. There is a pin-on axle attachment at the rear of the trailer so it can receive up to two additional axles. The extra long slide on the fifth wheel is meant to adjust the weight division between the truck and jeep. This universal design does come at a slight increase in tare weight. In total, this jeep can make 6 combinations.

Component re-use:

The gooseneck, bogie and pin-on axles can be re-used to make a low bed. A deck section would replace the mid-section. The deck section can be any design. There is a comprehensive description of available deck sections that Temisko can build. Any of the listed sections can fit on this jeep.

Modular 2+1+1 Jeep

Weight:14 330 lbs – 6500 kg
Permissible loading: 118 000 lbs
Inter-axle spacing:18 ft, 3 in – 5,56 m
Min swing radius needed: 144 in to 315 in

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