Single Axle Extendible Jeep

This jeep can be extended to create a second axle group for the truck. In the collapsed position, the jeep is pinned onto the truck and acts like a third axle. When it is extended, the jeep is only pinned by the king pin and acts like a jeep. In the extended position, 96 inches of inter-axle spacing is attainable by moving the fifth wheel backwards by 11 inches. The fifth wheel is at a fixed distance from the king pin. This fixed position is a compromise between the loading ratio when closed and opened. The fold-away landing gear at the front will straddle the truck when it is being uncoupled.

Single Axle Extendible Jeep

Weight:3 849 lbs – 1 746 kg
Permissible loading: 61 700 lbs
Inter-axle spacing:54 in – 1.37 m to 96in – 2,44m
Min swing radius needed: 87 in closed to 116 in opened

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