About Configurations

There are many weight classes, configurations and options when it comes to heavy haul. The most common type of trailer in the heavy haul category is low beds. These trailers are purposefully built to carry the load low on the deck section. As the weight class increases, the low bed will need accompanying trailers to help equalize the loading on all axles. The low beds become more modular as they increase in capacity. Pin joints are added to create shim points to alter the camber as needed. The pin joints are also used to interchange deck sections and components to suit the job at hand.

Another type of trailer that is used is a jeep and dolly configuration. This configuration may use the self-supporting load to span between the jeep and dolly. If the load is not self-supporting or is too short, a double gooseneck beam is added between the jeep and dolly to bridge the gap. These configurations are available in many weight classes.

35T Low Bed

42T Low Bed

Steerable 42T Low Bed

55T Low Bed

65T Low Bed

75T Low Bed

85T Low Bed

74T Jeep and Dolly

90T Jeep and Dolly

105T Jeep and Dolly

105T Modular Jeep and Dolly

155T Double Dolly

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