74T Jeep and Dolly

For self-supporting loads, the jeep and dolly configuration is typically equipped with loading bunks and power tower. The loading bunks are used to tie one end of the load to the jeep and the other to the dolly. Air and electrical lines are then hung on the load completing the connection. The power tower in the dolly is used to raise the load over obstacles or lower it to a minimum to clear overhead obstacles.

When the self-supporting load is detached from the two units, the dolly’s tow bar is then attached to the jeep for the empty return trip.

The double gooseneck add-on is ideal to lower the loading height or to transport an object that cannot be supported at both extremities. The necks are also used to lift the load above any obstacles that may be encountered on the trip.

This configuration can be shortened for the return trip by loading the deck sections one on top of the other and loading the jeep on the deck. The dolly is then hung under the neck to only ride on the back two axles.

This configuration is not strictly limited to a tandem jeep and 2+2 dolly. A different jeep may be used to increase the capacity or to lower the loading height to the same level as the steering dolly.

Useful options

  • Hydraulic power tower

  • Loading bunks

74T Jeep and Dolly

Weight22,785 lbs – 10,335 kg

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