130T Low Bed

Specifically built for the mining heavy haul, this unit is well-suited to spread heavy loads over its eight axles. This distribution of load is sometimes critical as some bridges are not rated for heavy point loads. The unit is also designed to haul its payload over very long distances at high speeds without overheating the tires.

 The front detachable gooseneck allows for the equipment to be safely loaded from the front. This offers a low loading height that translates directly to a safer working environment. The high lift gooseneck can lift the deck much higher than its riding height. This feature is indispensable for self-loading or maneuvering over rough terrain.

The ideal truck to haul this unit is a planetary truck with 110,000 lbs tandem planetary axles. The single axle jeep is sometimes used to spread the load between itself and the truck and to increase the overall capacity. The low bed can also operate without the single axle jeep. Alternate goosenecks can be built to suit any off-road tow vehicle.


Useful options

  • 100,000 lbs winch on a +/- 180 degree turntable at the rear

  • Side stabilizers that double as anchors

  • Alternate deck profile

  • Different widths

130T Low Bed

Length87 ft 9 inch
Width16 ft deck, 10 ft 6 inch outside of wheels
Weight93,402 lbs – 42,367 kg
Swing radius: 161 in

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