Pipe Hauler Dolly

This dedicated pipe hauling dolly has many features that allow the operator to efficiently haul the long loads on and off-road. The front and rear bunks are used to rest the pipe. The dolly can either be linked with a collapsing pole or can be linked with a cable. The collapsing pole is an attractive option because it is used to hang the front of the dolly when returning empty and the truck can be uncoupled from the front bunk with the aid of the removable legs. Returning empty with a cable means that the dolly must be lifted onto the front bunk. The cable does, however, offer a lower tare weight and load on the axles of the truck to give better traction when empty.

The rear bunk is mounted on a turntable that is then linked to the front axle. When the rear bunk turns, relative to the dolly, it will steer the front axle. This steering will make the combination seem shorter because it will reduce the off-tracking when turning. There are three gain settings on the steering to adjust for the varying load lengths.


Useful options

  • Tow pole

Pipe Hauler Dolly

Length43 ft 2 inch
Width102 inch
Weight13,007 lbs – 5,900 kg
Pole Weight: 2,400 lbs – 1,089 kg
Outer bunk rests36 ft 8 inch to 68 ft in 2 ft increments
Steering angle28 degrees
Bunk rotation+/- 38 degrees

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