Blade Trailer

This latest air ride model has the best-in-class steering angle and low tare weight. The base trailer is offered as a 4 beam trailer that can extend from 53 ft to 160 ft. There is a 20 ft extendible bumper that meets state requirements regarding maximum overhang. A fifth beam can be installed in the unit without any modification while still closing to 53 ft. This feature was implemented to allow the trailer to stay relevant even with the ever-growing blades.

Extending the trailer is very easy thanks to the flairs on the bottoms of the caissons and the 2 hydraulic legs. The last caisson is fitted with a top flair on the caisson to allow the operator to adjust the pitch of the axle grouping. At very long lengths, the trailer behaves like a large spring and proper shimming is critical to distribute the loading correctly.

The loading bunk has bolting points all along the last caisson to allow the operator fine adjustment of the loading position.



Blade Trailer

Length:53 ft to 218 ft
Weight:36 230 lbs – 16 434 kg
Steering angle: 46 deg
Swing radius: 91 in

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