Schnabel Blade Trailer

The increased length of blades as let to separate the trailer into two parts. This schnabel system is fixed onto the mounting face of the blade and the dolly is placed under the blade stand. This system solves many issues plaguing current methods. The key features are:

  • Very low hauling height
  • Can lifted up to maneuver over obstacles
  • Not limited by extension beams
  • More weight capacity
  • Can be used with a jeep to keep a 3 axle truck

The rear bunk system on the dolly has pivot points on 2 axis to not induce any roll and pitch forces into the blade. The yaw forces are used to perform the automated steering of the dolly.

Different gooseneck extensions are available to give enough room for a 3 axle truck all the way to a tandem jeep configuration.

The mounting plates for the schnabel necks and the rear stands are not standardised and will require communication with the blade manufacture to confirm this transportation method.

Schnabel Blade Trailer

Length:45 ft - 13.72m (return configuration)
Weight:26126 lbs – 11851 kg
Steering angle: 37 deg
Swing radius: 110 in to 184 in

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